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It is our pleasure to offer you comprehensive and professional services, such as: English furniture making Period furniture making Building of English kitchens Making of furniture with an Antique look Biedermeier furniture making Baroque furniture making Louis style furniture making Art-Deco furniture making Bespoke furniture making Antique furniture reconstruction Antique furniture restoration Restoration of other antiques (pianos, grand-pianos, chapels, sacral objects and abbeys) Conservation and restoration of antique wooden elements Our primary field of expertise also includes: Restoration Reconstruction Conservation of: antique furniture, churches, abbeys, hotels, castle interiors, interiors of town houses, all wooden elements, etc. Drewnostyl offers the following services: Sculpture Woodworking Wax coating Polishing Varnishing Ageing Gilding Inlay Marquetry Copying Upholstering And more CONTACT : F.P.H.U.DREWNOSTYLE Zawada 179 k/Krakowa 32-445 Krzyszkowice Woj: Małopolskie Tel: (012) Fax:(012) mail: telefon komórkowy: 0 0 We act on whole poland and europe /en/

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